Social activists will show how to properly insulate homes

October 24, 2014 Youth Climate Movement in Ukraine launched a new educational initiative "Point of heat", which aims to help people to understand the implementation of energy-saving technologies. We started with a two-day training for environmental activists from different parts of Ukraine, which will embody the initiative "Point of heat" for the population on the ground under the slogan "insulate properly!".

24 and 25 October in Kiev 35 public eco-activists from various cities pass practical training to gain expertise of experts on energy efficiency and improve the necessary skills. When organized as part of the training excursions in Kiev center for energy efficiency, the participants get acquainted with the technology to conserve energy. Upon completion of the training, participants will organize work teams "points of heat" in 15 cities of Ukraine, so that more people will receive important information about the proper and effective insulation.

In order to achieve energy independence of Ukraine, energy efficiency should be a priority in every Ukrainian family. With intelligent and integrated approach to insulation can achieve significant reduction in energy consumption and save money on utilities.

  "Accounting for heat thermoregulation and wall insulation of houses can save up to 50% on heating. We can consider the best European practice and standards, which acquired decades. The EU has very strict requirements for energy efficiency in buildings and they rise. At a time when the average Ukrainian homes is spent per unit area of ​​250 kilowatt hour (kWh / m2) energy, the Europeans - up to 90 kilowatt hour (kWh / m2) energy, respectively, "- commented the energy efficiency expert Andrew NECU Iron.

During the energy and financial crisis is the urgent need for a strategic insulation space. According to the chairman of the Ukrainian Youth Association of the climate (UMKA) Olga Monciak, this initiative is designed to teach people the basic skills of proper insulation and energy conservation, for example, is available to explain the concept of thermal audit, which is worth doing it with the onset of the first frost. In order to prevent a chaotic independent attempts insulation with massive violations of technologies to encourage local communities to mobilize in order to address challenges related to the energy dependence of eco-activists from different cities have initiated the campaign "The point heat" on the results of the joint work of the Climate Forum "Power to Change" which took place in early October 2014.

"Already from November 8 will work information cells -" Points of heat ", where volunteers will talk to everyone about the technology of insulation and energy conservation. These data points act in Kiev, Vinnitsa, Dobropole (Donetsk region), Zaporizhia, Lviv, Lutsk, Mirgorod, Poltava, Rivne, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Kherson, Kharkiv, Cherkasy, Chernivtsi and others. Opening hours and location of the points of heat in different cities will be published on the page of the initiative's Facebook November 1, "- says about public startup national coordinator of the campaign" The point of the heat "Olga Samkevich.

Contact persons:

Olga Monciak, Chairman UMKA,
tel. 0961112544

Olga Samkevich, national coordinator of the "Points of heat"
tel. 068 475 75 96,

Information note:

Initiative "Point of heat" is supported by environmental NGOs working group on climate change namely Ukrainian Youth Association of the climate (UMKA) Ecoclub, National Ecological Centre of Ukraine (NECU) and with the financial support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Ukraine; in partnership with the social project "Warming of Ukraine together» (Star Light Media Group), Project "including the Sun - live comfortably" and the information campaign "Ukraine's energy independence." Organizers note that all volunteers and experts on energy efficiency, which will work in the "heat points", do not represent any brands are independent experts and consultants in educational activities are guided solely by the knowledge of the properties of materials and technology requirements of effective thermal insulation and energy saving , if necessary, may compare the properties provided by volunteers information has no commercials. Volunteers do not represent any political forces.

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