The oil era ending?

When a country with the largest oil reserves in the world decides to start investing in renewable energy sources, it may well mean that the era of oil is coming to an end. While the US remains, continue to focus on fossil fuel in Saudi Arabia realized that bet on energy that ends - not the smartest move, and started to introduce more solar systems to the electric grid instead of the old diesel generators. Reported the press service of the ABE "Alternative".

But do not yet speak of Saudi Arabia as a country that has committed itself to clean energy - just as it has major investments in refineries to reduce its dependence on imported diesel fuel. To reduce its import dependence is also investing heavily in the refineries. In the center of the solar boom is the Association of solar energy in Saudi Arabia (SASIA), which aims to transform the country into "one of the energy that most successfully developed."
This trend is also actively spreading throughout the Middle East and captures companies such as, for example, Israel's Arava Power, which is also intended to reduce the use of, or opt out of diesel generators in the city of Haifa. The company strives to not only increase the amount of solar technologies in Israel, but also export them to other markets, such as, for example, South Africa.
As for Saudi Arabia, the need for solar energy is growing. According SASIA, almost 25% of the country's electricity is derived from diesel fuel, and the kingdom is spending more than $ 1 billion. At its imports. However, these generators are located in remote areas, with associated additional costs for transportation fuels across the country.
No need to prove the fact that the solar potential of a country like Saudi Arabia is enormous. So, SunEdison founder Jigar Shah said resource Clean Technica: «Saudi Arabia could easily become one of the largest solar markets in the world. The country's economy is clear, a pilot program was held, fundamental studies have also been completed. "
ABE "Alternative" based on inhabitat. com

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